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Posted by: Gwythyr O. Iorwreth Mar 25 2012, 03:34 PM
Gwythyr Owain Iorwreth.immortal, fae, olympia, single.All I want is a little of the good life.about.So here's! He is the son of a pure-blood Fae and an Elf, a detail that has frustrated him for most of his life. He was a troublemaker back in the Fae realm, flirting with high ladies of the court when his heritage would not have allowed it, and eventually fell on a jealous husband who took badly the news that his wife had an affair with a pure-blood and elf hybrid. To escape that particular man's wrath, and whatever the Queen would see befitted as punishment, should she be involved, Gwythyr left for the mortal realm, while his mother, who remained behind, would seek to resolve the situation.Gwythyr is proud, determined, manipulative, flirty and cocky. A lover of ladies and a good time, he is however motivated by a goal: Earn recognition, respect that his birth would not give him. Manipulative, he is also a silver-tongue, a charmer and expert liar, also quite familiar with irony and sarcasm. Treacherous and selfish, he'll consider himself first of all, then others, with a very few, extremely rare exceptions, like his mother.friends.Most would be considered as "surface" friends, whom Gwythyr would not think twice about betraying if it suits his purposes. True friendship is rare, though when earned he proves to be quite loyal, it remains extremely difficult to tell whether his friendship is true or not: In both cases, he'll answer that you are a true friend, and whether he will stab you in the back or not later on is hard to tell. Still, he will help out a friend in need... if it happens to be fun, and gets him some recognition in the process.enemies.He has nearly as many enemies as he has ex-lovers. Sometimes they're even both! While his nemesis would be the Fae who forced him to exile himself away from fae lands, Gwythyr is one whose mouth would get him in trouble, either by insulting the wrong person, or by flirting with the wrong woman. Though he remains a Fae, and thus not to be messed with lightly, he also has a tendency to make powerful enemies, so really, spots are open for enemies too!lovers.Gwythyr has had a lot of lovers in the past, mostly Fae, with a tendency to favour pure-blooded Fae women. He did not change upon entering the mortal realm, though he has taken other women from different species, rather than only Fae, to his bed. All spots are open for those, whether ex-lover, fling, or even final, though I'll be extremely picky about the latter.PRESENTED TO YOU BY TAYE OF AND



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Posted by: Brayden A. O'Shae Apr 1 2012, 06:55 PM
Brayden does not like this guy at all. There is no respect and there is nothing that Gwythyr can do to change Brayden's opinion. However, he has to let it go basically because Brayden is well aware of what he is. Even with the glamour he has up, Brayden can smell right through it being a werewolf. He isn't stupid enough to mess with Gwythyr, but he doesn't trust him nor does he like him. Especially with the relationship he has with Payton.

Posted by: Gwythyr O. Iorwreth Apr 1 2012, 08:08 PM
BRAYDEN&Gwythyr.That sounds fine with me! Though I've got to ask, what would be the things about Gwythyr that would cause Brayden's hostility? The way they meet, or it could be simply because Brayden saw Gwythyr in Payton's company? As for Gwythyr's feelings on the man, he isn't really concerned by Brayden's hostility (he's a werewolf, blah blah blah), and probably be amused, like a puppy barking up at him (oh yes, arrogance, he got it). I see them sharing an antagonistic relationship, but without going so far as being enemies, as Gwythyr wouldn't bother downright attacking Brayden, unless attacked first (and you pointed out Brayden wouldn't mess with him), so yeah, a kind of passive "We're not cool, I don't like you, but I'll endure" sort of thing? What do you think?

Posted by: Olivia A. Warren Apr 1 2012, 10:31 PM
Olivia&Gwythyr.I'm... well, ya know, I don't know if these two would get along, due to him being as cocky as he is. But there would be a level of respect show, because she believes in things like that and because he is fae. Maybe in small doses she can handle him, depending on how he acts or talks to her, especially how he talks to her alpha and those associated with both packs. She's rather dominant and kinda like a mama bear to them or mama wolf, if you will. I don't know, they may get along. It would have to be something to see. I can tell you this; if he hits on her... she may end up trying to hurt him. xD Not really, but you get it.

Posted by: Gwythyr O. Iorwreth Apr 1 2012, 11:06 PM
Olivia&Gwythyr.I think Gwythyr would mostly behave with Olivia, I mean, as much as Gwythyr CAN behave. Mostly, he'd keep his cockiness in control, except if she tried to tell him to do something, or if she gave him a line that he would not be able to resist twisting around. Basically, he wouldn't go around insulting everyone, but if met with hostility, then you can bet he'd do nothing to improve the situation. And I think he'd flirt with her mostly as means to annoy her. Or if he's drunk. Or something.

Posted by: Olivia A. Warren Apr 1 2012, 11:18 PM
Olivia&Gwythyr.Well, she wouldn't really tell him to do anything, unless she felt she had to. For the most part she does keep most of the bossing around to the Alpha and Beta, since she's really just a dominant female, and one of the older people among the pack. I'm sure some of his lines would probably make her laugh or she'd roll her eyes at them. Naturally Liv isn't really a hostile person. She's rather caring so I'm sure there wouldn't be any towards him, unless he messed up with someone in the two packs, then she'd be upset with him and maybe hostile. But she thinks before she does things, so I'm sure nothing big would happen. If.. he flirted with her, she'd PROBABLY, MAYBE be a little flattered. Ya know, 68 and she's still got it and all. Maybe it would get on her nerves eventually. It probably would.

Posted by: Charlotte A. Hope Apr 3 2012, 11:42 PM
charlotte & gwythyr So I'm not sure if Gwythyr wants to meet Charlotte or not but it might be interesting. As he is Fae she'd be surprised to see one in the mortal realm, unsure of how to act or really what to say. Witches by nature are extremely loyal to his kind but she probably won't know him personally, at first. Maybe they can be friends? Who knows it might come in handy to have a witch as an ally right?

Posted by: Gwythyr O. Iorwreth Apr 4 2012, 12:35 AM
Charlotte&Gwythyr.Oh look a new pet! Yeah, that's how Gwythyr considers witches. He's happy of their loyalty to fae, it feeds his ego, but at the same time he likes to abuse of that loyalty, and can act extremely cocky towards them, especially if they're, worst case scenario, afraid of him. For Charlotte herself, yeah they could be friends, I can see it happening, have a particular witch in his pocket would do him good (that's Gwythyr thinking there). Oh and she gets hit upon, no exception.

Posted by: Sabrina S. Rylan Apr 4 2012, 04:41 PM
Sabrina&Gwythyr.Ah, so as I was reading your bio (or rather, skimming it because I'm lazy) I was thinking how fun it would be for these two to have been an ex-fling or something. Maybe even a past one-night stand. Since he has a certain like for pure fae women form court. She was definitely one of those and a bubbly party girl. Maybe it's something they are both hoping to just forget about for whatever reason. Maybe the sex was just totally out of sync and turned out really terrible? So when/if they meet up here in the mortal world they will both be baffled. She'll remember that he was banished upon seeing him, but other than that it could be an awkward surprise for them both. Add/edit/delete?

Posted by: Gwythyr O. Iorwreth Apr 5 2012, 08:49 PM
Sabrina&Gwythyr.I can definitely see them having a past fling, or one night stand, either of which would be fine. I don't really see Gwy being affected that much by a bad night of sex, it wouldn't really drive him to awkwardness, he's confident about his abilities in that area. What I could see is that he'd be found out on a lie, could be he lied about his heritage, said he was a pure-blood but she learned otherwise, and when he sees her again, he knows that she knows. Something like that, he's more sensitive to that then anything else. But yeah I definitely see them having some kind of history in the past!

Posted by: Sage R. Harper May 2 2012, 08:08 PM
Gwythyr seems like a fun guy (though i can't properlly pronounce his name forthe life of me!) and I'd love to do some plotting with him if you like. Maybe as a past or future fling? Sage isn't too terribly picky and i could see he easily setting her sights on Gwythyr for a one night stand or maybe a coule after? A friends with benefits thn if your open to it. I could see Sage ejoying his company, even as just someone to chat with. Any thoughts?

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