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Welcome to Moon Bound, an original supernatural RPG set in the fictional town of Thunder Cove, Washington.

Its early winter 2013, and the snow is already getting deep in the small coastal town of Thunder Cove. Things in this picturesque tourist town aren't exactly what they seem. Nothing in the world is what it seemed anymore, its as if the closer the world came to that fateful day on the Mayan calendar, the more the supernatural creatures of the world woke up and made their presence known. The fae are walking among us now, as are the old spirit guides and warriors of old Native American lore. The werewolf, vampire, and skinwalker populations have all taken a sudden rise, and the witches of old who had thought their powers lost to them have suddenly found themselves able to do magic again. The world hasn't ended, but its changing. Some say for the better, some say for the worst. In Thunder Cove, the population is split in half knowing that their town is a supernatural hot spot can make things difficult-- especially when the normal members of the population are part of the food chain.

Humans 5 3
Witches 1 0
Spirit Warriors 2 0
Fae 0 2
Skinwalkers 2 1
Werewolves 4 3
Vampires 0 2
TOTALS 14 11
Single 13 10
Mated 1 1
TOTALS 14 11
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Jun 2 2012, 12:00 PM
I'm sorry but real life bit me in the ass and then nothing has been happening here and on top of that I have my own board I have to get going. So for now I just can't get my muses to work for anywhere.

I'm sorry; good luck, maybe one day I can make it back when there's more traffic going.

Moriko Jensen and Parker Kektolash signing out

May 20 2012, 02:04 PM
I know horrible, I owe a post and need to get it done. Unfortunately I'm stressed and my muses are not working; my mamaw who raised me is in the hospital, she's been there all week and it's not looking good. So I can't function at all to even get one paragraph out for Parker or Mo. So sorry guys, I'm going to keep trying but I wanted to let you know what was up and why I was being so slow.

May 7 2012, 10:21 AM
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Apr 11 2012, 01:43 PM

SO; let's see, I was compelled to participate in this site due to Ara and her wonderful graphics. I run a board; Modern Fates, which is where I met Ara and it's where I am lurking 85% of the time.

*AJ! Is not my real name, obviously. It's just a name I have come to use across a few boards. It's actually Misty and yes it sounds Fufu. Shut your pie hole! <.<
*I'm old; no really I am, I'm 33.
*I'm a single parent.
*I have tattoos and have/had multiple piercings.
*I love RPing and D&D (Totally carry a D20 in my hoodie pocket)
*I'm literally online at all times because I have no life; I have anxiety issues when it comes to leaving the house, I also have no job at the moment. I am lacking in a car considering I had to rush move from North Carolina USA back home to Kentucky in 2010 for a family death. So my car got left in favor of driving a Uhaul big enough for My stuff/My mom's stuff/My kid's stuff. It apparently has now been junked out and sold...or so I have been told by the people who's property it got left on.
Meh such is life yeah?
*Again, I am in Kentucky USA. Born and raised here but have lived in multiple states.
*Divorced, YAY me! Oh Happy Day -starts to sing gospel- Oh Happy Day...
*Aaaannnnnddd that's about as religious as I get.
*I'm a slow poster; but I try to make my posts and my characters interesting.
*I'm use to Supernatural type boards.
*I'm very random and sporadic.
*I'm a CBox Ho, I believe in equal opportunity CBox loving.
*I'm shameless and I have the most awful perverted mind...everything and I mean EVERYTHING gets 'guttered' one way or another.
*I have IM, it's Trillain and my RP accounts: for MSN; ajftwyo for AIM and for Yahoo. I am usually always online though at times I am set to away and invisible.
So if added I may forget I have you there; ninja pounce you outta no where, or be busy doing the single parent thing.
*I verify myself as Pansexual...if you do not understand what that is..then there is no need for me to explain <.< Google it. Most people assume I am male...and I am oddly fine with this. I like works.
*I <3 Google.
*I love making graphics, but at times I am too lazy to make my own though I'll make them for other people. Examples: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
*I'm a sickly person and I go into the hospital often, there are times when I may put up an away due to being sick or dealing with issues. I'll however try to keep up with all threads as long as people are patient with me.

Umm...I could go on seriously, but I won't! biggrin.gif

Will take questions if there is something specific anyone wanted to know...
(OMG..I feel famous when saying that <.<)
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