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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 25 2012, 10:58 PM
and i said oh we die so slowly like stars in the sky
Payton was almost sick with nerves. Today was the day that she was going to tell her big brother that she was not only dating his best friend, but she was pretty much his mate. The only thing that was stopping the bond from being sealed was the fact that Bray hadn't declared it to the packs. Mostly because Pay wanted to tell her father and brother first and avoid a scene. She had a feeling that it would cause one if she didn't forewarn them, and so had asked him to hold off on that part. Of course there was the old fashioned way of doing it; which wasn't too bad of an idea and less public, but Pay wasn't about to go there... just yet anyway, with Bray. So she had the talk with her father first who surprisingly wasn't all that upset about it. Pay saw it in his eyes though that he was sad that his little girl was growing up and he had missed so much of her life, but he was happy for her. In fact that sly old fox (or more accurately wolf) had admitted he had seen it coming for a long time and was wondering when Brayden would finally corner her about it! That had been the biggest shock of all to Pay, that her father had seen this coming well before she had.

That news had at least given her some courage before she finally got her brother to take some time to talk to her. At least until now. The day was overcast and gray. The sky was thick with heavy clouds that looked like they could drop buckets on the residents of Thunder Cove at any moment but she hoped that the rain would hold out at least until she talked to AJ. Pay had just come out of the little coffee shop near the harbor, a hot cup of her favorite flavored coffee wrapped up in one hand while the other held her brothers; and a big chocolate chip cookie in it as a means to sort of sugar coat the news she was going to drop on him. Pay hoped and prayed that her brother would take the news as well as her father did, though she knew two miracles was asking for a lot. Pay checked the time before leaning against the railing that overlooked the water and sighed. She had five minutes before AJ was supposed to get there, which meant she probably would be waiting for ten knowing him and if any of the work he was doing ran over. The time alone to herself though gave her the time she needed to think over what she was going to say to her brother. Well she knew what she was going to say but just how to word it right. There would be a lot of changes going on in the future because of what was going on between her and Brayden, and some she thought would be coming a little soon after her just returning home recently after so long of being away.

Payton sighed, her breath coming out in a misty white puff before dissipating in the air in front of her. The weather was cool, and steadily cooling with the threat of rain and made her glad for the hot coffee in her hands. Pay stared blindly out at the water as her brain painted the different scenarios that could unfold once her brother got there. The best one was if he was accepting of her and his best friend, the worst was that he wouldn't be and would threaten to go break Brayden's neck-- no joking to it even. Pay groaned and let her head fall slightly, closing her eyes and praying silently that she could in fact get two miracles; that both her father and now brother would be okay with her being with Brayden. At least it was someone that they all knew, someone that they trusted. And someone that they knew would never hurt Payton. The bond between them was proof enough of that; even though Roland had run his wife off with his temper, Pay somehow knew Bray would never be like that with her. And that gave her hope that her brother would understand it and feel the same way. Pay could hope at least.

Another nervous glance at her watch and she carefully balanced the cups of coffee on the weathered wooden rail before pulling out her phone and shooting a text to her big brother. She was anxious to get this over with and it was obvious by her fidgeting and the fact she was texting him.

"Come on slowpoke, it looks like its about to rain out here. Where are you?"

She typed in before hitting send and then putting the phone back safely in her coat pocket and wrapping her hands around the cups of hot coffee to make sure they didn't fall over and to keep her hands warm while she waited on her brother to finally get there. She had a lot to tell him and knew if she was kept waiting any longer her nerves were going to get the better of her and make her just blurt it out rather than talk it out with him. Which after the other morning's fiasco with her pajamas, she was pretty certain that the conversation today wasn't going to go as smoothly as she hoped it would.

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Posted by: Aaron J. Dallas Apr 28 2012, 07:57 PM
I'm through thinking of things to say to you It's true, I've said enough and so have you ----------

Of late it felt like life was out to get him and AJ wasn't all that happy about that. There was so much going right - Payton was home and Luna was back - and he couldn't have been happier about either of those things yet both presented challenges that had put a damper on everything. When it came to his sister, AJ still pictured the little girl she had been a long time ago even though he 'd seen her at least once a year after she left Thunder Cove. It didn't matter, having her there put him back in the time when she had been before and at that time she was eleven. The fact that she was no longer eleven was difficult for AJ to comprehend in some way. Having Luna return at just around the same time, when she'd also left in the same time frame, just made things that much harder on any number of levels. First, the proximity for her return made it that much easier to image they were all back in that time and that neither of them left. Of course he didn't think of himself in terms of being thirteen but that was different. AJ had been there the whole time so naturally time passed for him.

Luna sort of made everything harder though, also in many ways. While she didn't seem to have grown much when it came to height, she had matured and it was harder to image her body as that of the little girl who left him after having her pressed against him, first in their initial embrace and then last night at Trails. AJ still felt guilty for her getting so drunk, not that it was actually his fault. He'd asked a question, not issued a challenge. Apparently it was all the same to Luna. Despite the end result he was impressed with how much she could actually hold before she started to feel the effects. Frankly Luna had always had the ability to surprise and impress, something else that hadn't changed. Then there was the fact that it seemed their friendship was right back where it had been twelve years ago, aside from the sexual tension. On the other hand, if Luna hadn't left when she did there every reason to believe that the tension would have developed then when they both hit puberty. By now that was long passed, AJ had the libido to prove that, not that he had, or would, point it in Luna's directions.

The struggle on that front was getting more difficult by the day. There was no doubt in his mind that it would be perfect, right up until she decided to leave and he was sure that she would. It didn't matter that she'd said she would stay as long as she was wanted. The life she'd led the majority of her life was much too big for a place like Thunder Cove, how would it ever be enough? Women left, that's what they did and AJ didn't want any part of that again. It didn't stop him from letting Luna back in his life but he had to draw the line a friendship. There was no way that he could take losing her if their relationship went beyond that. Losing her as a friend once had been difficult enough, losing her in that respect a second time was more than he wanted to think about so he wouldn't put himself in a position to lose her after they became more. It simply wasn't going to happen regardless of how loud the wolf snarled or hard it clawed at his mind that she was his mate.

Aloud buzz and jolt of vibration from his pocket pulled AJ out of his thoughts. As his vision came back into focus he realized he was sitting in the parking lot by the harbor. He didn't have a clue how he'd gotten there, aside from being behind the wheel of his truck. Clearly his distraction was reaching unsafe proportions, not to mention making him late in meeting Payton. I'm here, see you in two shakes! With the return text sent he slipped out of the truck, pocketed his phone again and hustled down the pier. Though he couldn't see Pay yet he could follow the scent trail that she'd left when she walked that way. It only took a moment for him to spot her, smiling as he did so. AJ knew that he needed to stop seeing her as a little girl and he tried to look at her in that way as he walked with long strides in her direction. Payton was a beautiful young woman, plus she was his sister and he didn't want to keep replying what happened the other morning over and over again. "Hey, midget, sorry I guess I lost track of time." Moving close he wrapped an arm around her, pulling her into his chest for a gentle hug while being mindful of the coffees she held.

Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 28 2012, 09:02 PM
and i said oh we die so slowly like stars in the sky
Pay was able to give a genuine smile as she heard and then saw her brother coming up to where she was. As he called her a midget she rolled her eyes good-naturedly before hugging him back just a little tighter than she normally would have and trying to stuff her nerves down so that they wouldn't give her away. He'd know something was up if he sensed them and she was doing her best to hide how anxious she was. "Hey there Giant," She teased right back, "Its okay, I know how that goes. I got you coffee, how Dad said you like it on occasion... and a cookie. Thought you might enjoy it." Pay started off, mentally groaning at how nervous she sounded and how much it sounded like a bribe. Way to go Payton for playing it smooth. Before AJ could say anything after she handed over the peace offering of sorts that would hopefully keep him happy long enough for her to tell him everything, Pay turned back to the stormy view they had of the heavily clouded skies and dark choppy waters. She took a sip of her coffee as she tried to calm herself once more before trying to figure out how to talk to AJ about what was on her mind. By now he had to realize something was up, and if he didn't he was more distracted than she was at the moment.

Finally after a few quiet moments once she was sure that the recent and few other patrons of the pier were out of earshot, Pay let out a sigh. "AJ, I'm gonna cut to the chase cause I'm sure by now you know something's up." She started, fingers fidgeting with the cardboard sleeve around her cup as her nerves began to rise to the point she was almost sick. Pay swallowed hard before gulping down another mouthful of coffee. "I uhm... I'm dating someone. A wolf. Not our- not Dad's pack." She corrected herself, knowing that once the mate bond was sealed, she'd be Brayden's mate, and part of his pack. Payton swallowed hard as she forced herself to continue. "And its... its really serious. Like... mate serious." She continued to fumbled, too worried to look over and up to see her brother's reaction. She had yet to lower the big boom on him as to who it was, and that was the part that completely had her almost terrified. Why was she telling AJ this? Their Dad approved, hell he said he saw it coming! But she didn't want AJ to find out anywhere else but from her. Not from their dad, not from Bray. From her.

She knew that AJ still saw her as the gangly, all arms and legs, skinny as a rail little girl with frizzy red hair and freckles that had ran from Thunder Cove years ago. But she wasn't that girl anymore, in so many ways she was no longer that girl. She had her fears still, but she knew when to stay and stand up for herself or fight for what she wanted. She was no longer that awkward little girl. She was a woman now with grace, sense, strength and some pride with a stubborn streak a mile ride and a hot temper that occasionally had a short fuse. None of that was the girl that was what he remembered aside from the temper. She was ready to experience real love and be loved in return, and she had someone to fill that role, she always had she just hadn't seen it until coming back home. Coming back to him. Though the thought of how her brother would accept (or probably not accept) weighed heavily on her mind and she hoped for the best as she took another steadying breath, hoping that he'd absorbed the information she had just dropped on him. Because what she was about to tell him next would more than likely be an even bigger shock.

"I'm with Bray." She told him quietly and calmly, her voice hiding the fact that her nerves so on edge by this point that she didn't think she could utter another word or finish her coffee without throwing up what little was already in her stomach. Those words weighed heavily in the air between them. If they were to manifest into something tangible she was sure they would crash to the worn wooden planks of the pier beneath them and go through. Quietly Payton prayed to every god, every deity she could think of that AJ would be okay. That he would accept it and be happy for her, but as she mentally whispered her pleas to them she couldn't even muster the courage to look at him. She prayed AJ would say something, would scoop her up into a hug that took her off her feet as most of his did and say it was about damn time, and in that moment time seemed to slow down to a snail's pace. Had it been this bad when she'd told her father? She didn't think so, she knew her father's temper had leveled out some since Maggie had left him. AJ's.... not so much. While she knew AJ would never hurt her, it still had her slightly worried about him and herself a little if he took the news that his best friend and his baby sister were together, and pretty much short of a natural disaster or miracle (a bad one in Pay's opinion) it was a forever kinda deal. Something she knew she wanted, especially with the wolf in question.

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Posted by: Aaron J. Dallas Apr 29 2012, 12:16 PM
I'm through thinking of things to say to you It's true, I've said enough and so have you ----------

AJ was glad that they had gotten past the fiasco that had been his attempt at a celebratory breakfast the other morning. Having Payton back at the house left all of them working to find the right balance. Father and son were used to having a woman-free zone, Liv aside. Of course Olivia's presence was constant and permanent arrangement but it only amounted to a number of hours every day or so, she didn't live there. For the most part there weren't any issues. The potential, however, was certainly there and as had been proved, things were going to come up that led them to places they didn't want to be. AJ grinned at Pay's comeback to his "midget" comment, barking a short laugh. "Very original, sis." His brows rose sharply when she reached out offering the coffee and the white paper pouch containing a large cookie. "I knew I smelt chocolate chips, thanks." The cookie was a nice treat, the coffee… that was a bit of a mystery. AJ on coffee was like a kid on crack, most of the time his father kept him away from the stuff so why would he suggest Payton buy him a cup. There was no question that something was off with his little sister, she was on edge, nervous even if her scent was any indication, and of course it was. He watched her while she turned to the water and apparently worked through whatever it was that she wanted to discuss. The coffee and cookie already told him that it was not a discussion that he was going to like. Moving to the railing at Pay's side, AJ set his coffee aside, figuring it would be a bad idea to even take a sip. Instead he busied himself with the cookie, hoping to find some enjoyment there before the bomb dropped.

Breaking off a large piece of the giant cookie, he stuffed it into his mouth and busied himself chewing, mostly to keep from making things worse by letting on that he recognized this was not going to be a pleasant day for the siblings. "Oh, I'm aware," he returned with a nod. Dating. She was dating? AJ had been working to come to terms with the fact that she wasn't a little girl anymore so dating was natural. That thought went through his head a split second before she continue. A wolf. "No," he growled tightly, shaking his head. Not our pack. "No, Pay." Already AJ's breathing was growing quick and heavy, his expression contorted into a mask of pure displeasure, his eyes shifting slightly in shape and color as his anger rose. Snorting loudly he shook his head harder, more tightly, as she said it was a serious. How fucking serious could it be, she'd only been home a month, you don't get serious that quickly. Taking a breath he was on the verge of telling her as much when the true bomb dropped. Mate serious. A loud, menacing growl built deep in AJ's chest and resonated in the empty space that surrounded them. The rest of the cookie fell from his hand to sail down on the wind, hitting the water below with a small splash. His jaw clamped shut, teeth grinding in the silence between them, he wrapped his hands around the railing, wood beginning to splinter instantly as he tightened his grip.

Temper was something that every wolf struggled with. AJ had the example of his parents as inspiration to keep that particular facet of his personality in check. He felt he'd always done a good job, or at least hadn't lost his temper in a harmful way with anyone who didn't deserve the experience. Then again, he hadn't truly been tested, until just that moment. I'm with Bray. If the seriousness of the situation being on the level of a mate had hit with the force of a bomb, that little piece of information landed with the force of a nuclear explosion. I'm with Bray. With his hands continuing to clench the railing it as quickly worn down enough to snap in his hands. The growl that still reverberated in his chest shifted into more of a snarl, the gnashing of his teeth smothered by the other sound. "What?" AJ's voice was barely recognizable as human in that moment as he shifted, moving behind Payton and reaching for her shoulders. Mindful of the way the wood had just be reduced to splints by the strength of his hands alone, he careful of his hold, though not quite as gentle when he pulled her around to face him. His eyes were more wolf than human now, his upper lip pulled up in a snarl, nose wrinkled with rage. "What did you just say to me?" Seeing Payton's face was a good reminded to keep his fury in check. AJ would never hurt his sister, he couldn't, but if she was serious, the same was not the case when it came to Brayden O'Shae.

Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 29 2012, 12:48 PM
and i said oh we die so slowly like stars in the sky
Pay could see him out the corner of her eye, hear his no's about what she was saying, and could hear his voice changing. She could hear the anger in it and even see him start to shake. None of which helped Payton's nerves settle down any. If she had been able to see his eyes without actually turning to look at him, she would've seen how dangerously close his wolf was to the surface and just how bad the situation was. If it had been a normal day she would've had reflexes enough to save his cookie as he dropped it into the water. As it was though when she heard that growl all she could do was watch it, watch the entire scene as if she were outside her body and pray that he didn't change right there on the spot. Payton saw his hands tightening on the railing and her own reflexively were tightening around her helpless coffee cup in an attempt to keep calm and not show how much his show of his temper was actually starting to scare her.

Payton knew that every wolf had a temper, but her family seemed to have more of its share of one-- even she had one that could rival most wolves and she was only human. She'd seen first hand how that temper could affect a human life and instinctively she shifted away from her big brother and his steadily growing temper. She knew he'd feel worse in the end if he had done something on accident to Pay, than if he just yelled at her over the entire situation. What she wasn't expecting was just how angry he got when she lowered the big bomb on him as to who she was dating. As the railing splintered and finally snapped in his hands, Payton visibly cringed as she felt hot coffee roll down the sides of her own nervously squished cup and scald the tops of her fingers. The voice that came out of his mouth was not that of her brother's, it had to be the wolf inside him. She'd heard of that happening once or twice, and before she could think further on it he had moved behind her and whirled her around to face him. Finally as she felt his large hands on her shoulders and prayed they wouldn't wind up in the same shape as the railing she saw the full effect of her brother's fury. The snarl, wrinkled nose and wolfine eyes made her want to slowly back away. The only problem was... Pay had nowhere to go unless she flipped over the railing and opted for an icy swim. Even then the water below the pier was filled with jagged rocks and with the tide out it wasn't an option that was much safer than facing an angry wolf.

Payton swallowed hard, meeting her brother's eyes for a moment and letting him and his wolf see that while she was nervous, she was not afraid and that she still held the same rank he did-- even if she was female and a human. They were siblings, she knew he wouldn't hurt her (or at least she hoped he wouldn't). Again she swallowed, lowering her hazel eyes to hide how this was upsetting her and tried to find her voice. "I... I'm with Brayden." Her voice betrayed her, she was worried of an act two of what had happened to their mother, only this time with brother and sister. While Payton would not run from Thunder Cove again, it would hurt-- in more ways than one if it did happen. "I... I love him AJ, and I didn't realize it until I came back. It... it kinda happened the day I went to see him..." She fumbled, feeling a new sort of cold wash over her as she began to shiver. What if AJ wouldn't accept this? What would happen to the two packs? Her father she knew wouldn't let anything bad happen of course, since he approved of it, but what would happen to her brother if he couldn't get over this? Would he go lone? Would he try to hurt or kill Brayden, his best friend? Those thoughts swirled in her head like a tornado more than the thoughts of if AJ would unintentionally crush her shoulders in his anger. Already it hurt that he was taking this so badly, and Payton could feel her heart sinking. This was not at all how she wanted or expected things to go when she had told her brother that she was with Brayden. "AJ, please calm down... I.. I kinda need my shoulders..." She pleaded, attempting to tease him weakly, trying to get him to loosen his grip on her before he did something that he'd regret later.

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Posted by: Aaron J. Dallas Apr 29 2012, 01:26 PM
I'm through thinking of things to say to you It's true, I've said enough and so have you ----------

Nothing could have prepared AJ for the new that his baby sister had just dropped on him. She was supposed to be the mate of a wolf. That just… wasn't alright. The whole situation with their parents went through his head. Sure they'd been happy for a while but his father's temper had always been an issue. That particular trait was something that all weres possessed, and all of them had to learn to control. Payton knew just as well as he did what could happen when a wolf lost his temper, what happened to their mother, and she was willingly putting herself in that situation. Well fuck that! AJ was not going to allow it to happen, he wouldn't stand for it and there was no two ways about that. Nothing would make him accept this. It was bad enough to think of her getting deeply involved with a human. Between he and his father it would perfectly clear to any boyfriend or anything else, what he would face if he did anything to hurt her. Plus with a human there was no way he could deceive two wolves. They would be able to smell if his intentions were untrue, he wouldn't be able to hide or pass off false emotions. While a wolf might also be aware of what they faced if ever he were to hurt Payton, they also knew ways to get around keeping things from other wolves.

The situation was a bigger test for him than he'd thought. Nothing had ever brought the wolf so close to the surface before. That afternoon in Luna's kitchen had been somewhat similar, certainly a first, but that was also the day preceding the full moon, where the wolf was already simmering just beneath the surface. AJ's breathing was almost to the point of hyperventilation now as the full extent of the situation was revealed to him. Brayden was his best friend, had been his best friend since they were children. Bray was his brother and the sense of betrayal that he felt knowing what his friend was pulling his sister into pushed him to the brink of his control. How long had his friend known Payton would be his mate? How long had he had designs on his sister without so much as hint of warning. "No," came another deep response straight from the buried personae. Another snarl, his lip pulling higher. Immediately AJ began to calculate his chances against his friend. Brayden was an Alpha, but not his Alpha. Lately things had been shifting, his power and dominance had been growing, to the point he began holding back so as not to draw attention. There wasn't much else he could do. Had the situation been different, had his Alpha not been his father… His father, what did he have to think of all this? Surely he would allow it to happen, not with his little princess.

Though he could sense the hit of teasing in Payton's tone, AJ responded only by shifting his hands to the railing behind his sister, pressing her back just a little bit more in the process. "He can't have you, Payton." There was only way that would happened, over his dead body, and AJ had more confidence in his abilities for that to truly be an option. The situation wasn't a contest and frankly the mate bond wasn't something either had much control over, at least that's what everyone claimed. He was managing though and if he could fight it then so could they. That thought did little to calm him however, despite her request. How could he calm down when his best friend, scratch that former best friend, intended to destroy his sister's life? It was too much to ask and beyond his control to grant.

Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 29 2012, 03:37 PM
and i said oh we die so slowly like stars in the sky
"He can't have you, Payton."

Those words echoed loudly in her ears over and over as Payton felt her heart sink through her shoes and down through the planks below them into the choppy waters beneath the pier. And the disappointment and hurt in her eyes was becoming more and more obvious as she looked up at her brother who was steadily growing angrier. She didn't know what to say as she gawked at him. Part of her wanted to yell at him, that it wasn't his choice to make, that she didn't need his say so in order to be with Brayden. She wanted to lose her temper with him and lash out even though she knew that'd only make the situation that much worse. Part of her wanted to just plead with him, to do something to make him calm down, to accept what was happening between Payton and Brayden. She knew her stubborn brother though and could see his anger, and as much as she hated to admit it to herself, she knew that without the much prayed for miracle that she had hoped for at the start of the day, he wouldn't change his mind. She could see it in his eyes that he wasn't going to change his mind, and she hated it.

"AJ... please." Payton pleaded quietly, trying to search for the right words to say. "Please be happy for me. I... I'm happy about it. I love him AJ." She explained softly, knowing those words probably wouldn't help but she had to explain everything to him, try to make him understand even if he didn't really want to. As he took his hands from her shoulders and put them on the rail behind her she felt cornered, and hated that. Hated how her brother was crowding her. She always joked about wolves having issues with personal space but right now this was no joking matter. Like AJ she'd seen what had happened when a wolf lost its temper, how their father had reacted and unintentionally drove their mother away, but Pay wasn't their mother. She was stronger. She knew running wouldn't make things better for anyone. And she also saw it in Brayden that he wouldn't put her in that position. How she knew she wasn't sure but she knew, she just did.

"I know you're worried about me AJ... but I'll be okay. I'm not afraid of this. I'm not worried about Brayden hurting me, he wouldn't anymore than you or Dad would." She assured him softly, her eyes pleading and hopeful as she hesitantly reached out and placed one gentle hand on his arm. She wanted her brother to be happy about this just as much as her dad was okay. And while she knew that probably wasn't the best thing in the world to say to an angry and over protective brother she had to let him know that their father was okay with this. "Dad... Dad's okay with it AJ. He was wondering when it'd happen. I thought you'd be just as okay with it too..." She trailed off her eyes and voice hopeful. "Please be okay with it AJ." She pleaded one last time before she felt like her heart was going to break if he didn't calm down and say that everything was alright.

Payton shivered despite the fact she could feel the angry heat rolling off her brother, the temperature was dropping and as if to mirror her steadily dampening mood the sky was darkening and somewhere behind her out on the ocean she heard the clap of thunder that told her that the rain wasn't far off. If the day ended like she was sure it was going to, the rain and storm would be fitting for the mood she'd be in once AJ let her go.

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Posted by: Aaron J. Dallas May 1 2012, 08:06 PM
I'm through thinking of things to say to you It's true, I've said enough and so have you ----------

The pure, white-hot rage AJ felt was like nothing he had ever experienced before. He'd been angry, pissed even, but nothing to match the blinding fury that came from knowing Brayden intended to claim his little sister for his mate. In his mind it was the worst sort of betrayal. Suddenly he was questioning their entire friendship, had it all been some sort of ploy to get to Payton? Unlikely since they had been friends from birth, long before Pay had even been thought of, much less created. Then again it wasn't as though AJ's thought processes were approaching anything close to normal or rational. All he could think was that Payton was human, vulnerable and she was his to protect, she was his family. She belonged with her family, with the older pack, the stronger pack. Didn't she realize that? Did he have to prove it to her? The idea brought something close to a smile to his lips, though it remained distorted by his snarl.

AJ tried to listen as she spoke but it was hard to hear anything above the rush of blood in his ears and growling of the wolf on the verge of busting forth. Happy. She wanted him to be happy for her? Happy wasn't even on a part of the universe in which he existed just then. There was no way he could be happy about the situation and AJ wasn't about to even pretend he was alright with it, much less happy. His head was shaking slowly, sternly, from side to side while his unnaturally too-light eyes drilled into hers. Despite the pale color, his eyes burned with same fiery heat that burned in the pit of his stomach. He had Payton boxed in, railing behind her, his body in front and an arm on either side. Even through his rage he could sense her unease and it disturbed him. Unfortunately his control was tenuous at best and he words weren't helping. AJ was so focused on her eyes that he didn't notice her shift until he felt her hand on his arm.

The unexpected touch set off an unnatural shift through his arm. A deep whine escaped his throat, his body shuddering violently before settling. There was notable tremor still moving through his frame as he took a step back from his sister. "No," he growled darkly as his hands released their hold on the wooden barrier. In a flash of movement however, his fist impacted the old, weathered railing maybe a foot from Payton's side, the solid support shattering beneath the force. "I'm not okay with it. I will never be okay with it, Payton." His declaration from before still stood, Brayden could not have her. AJ wanted to believe that their father would have the same objections. That didn't seem to be the case, but it didn't exactly matter either. If it came to it, he would do whatever needed to be done in order to assure Payton stayed where she belonged. Meeting his sister's gaze one last time, AJ gave another shake of his head turned without another word and stalked back toward the parking lot. After a few steps he broke into a run, moving swiftly past his vehicle and towards the forest beyond.

Posted by: Payton H. Dallas May 3 2012, 10:19 AM
and i said oh we die so slowly like stars in the sky
For the first time in her life, Payton was scared of her brother. She was cornered with nowhere to really go, and his wolf looked like it was dangerously close to the surface. Payton swallowed roughly, trying to read his face and see past the angry snarl to try and figure out what he was thinking. She knew that being this close to a wolf who looked like he was about to shift was dangerous to her, and if her dad (or even Bray) were here, she'd easily be taken out of harms way. As it was she was left to her own devices as to how to get out of this without A. Having AJ reveal to the entire population (well maybe not entire) of Thunder Cove that he was a werewolf, and B. Without getting physically hurt.So far her only option was to duck under her giant of a brother's arms and back away slowly.

The whine however that tore from his throat after she'd touched his arm made her forget all about her escape plans as she once again met her brother's eyes-- her own pleading with him one last time. She knew the answer though and when she heard the dark growl of a response, she felt her heart break.

Whether she wanted to or not, when his fist impacted with the beam next to her she jumped and let out a muffled yelp of fear and surprise as her wide hazel eyes took in the beam that could've been her arm if she hadn't gotten him to let go. His declaration that he would never be okay with it stung, worse than any cut or physical wound that she felt she'd ever withstand. Her brother, her best friend said he'd never be okay with her being with Brayden. As she met his eyes one last time, tears in her own as he shook his head then she watched him walk away, the effort her body had made to keep from falling apart finally dissolved as the first drop of rain hit her cheek. Pay crumpled against the remaining part of the beam behind her and began shaking as she put her hand up to hide her face.

Payton wasn't alone long though as she heard the kind voice of the older woman who ran the coffee shop asking if she was okay. Was she? The rain started to come down heavier as she finally shook her head no and let the older woman guide her into the shop out of the cold rain. What was she going to do? She couldn't let AJ stay like this, it wasn't good for any of them if he stayed mad. But right now all she could think on was how much it hurt that her best friend growing up, her protector, her big brother who of all people she thought would've been happy for her said he would never be okay with her and Brayden being together. Pay was near tears as the older woman shoved a hot mug of cocoa in her hands and assured her it was on the house before wandering back behind the counter and leaving Payton to her thoughts as she carefully sipped on the hot drink and wished more than anything that she could have a rewind button for the day so that maybe she could talk to AJ again and maybe things would go better.

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