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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 1 2012, 03:52 PM
The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
Payton Dallas was a bundle of nerves. She'd been home for a month (give or take a week or two), and due to her busy schedule with school she had yet to make an appearance at the house of the other alpha in the small coastal town. She knew him, just as well as she knew her own brother, but she was almost afraid of what he would say to her once he saw her. Silly, she knew it, but Pay had grown to worry about others thought about her-- on occasion anyway. People that were important to her were the ones that mattered the most to her. She tapped her fingers on the steering wheel of her shiny new black Jeep Wrangler in time with Daughtry's song "Louder Than Ever", and if it were any other time she would've been bouncing in her seat and singing along with the song that reminded her so much of the song "Summer of 69". Today her nerves only allowed her fingers to move in time with the beat. She had a stop to make first before she reached Brayden's house and in no time she was at the small cemetery that belonged to both packs. It had been years since she'd been here and as she pulled over on the side of the small road, she parked the Wrangler and shivered at the cool air that greeted her once she got out.

She reached into the back of the Wrangler with a grace that most wolves had, that she had only acquired through years of martial arts training and produced a bouquet of white lilies and a single dark red rose. She quickly closed the door of the Jeep and made her way across the well cared for land until she was standing in front of two gravestones. The two people who had been like second parents to her lay here and it had been too long since she'd come to pay her respects to the parents of the man she was about to see. Without a word as memories of Owen and Kathleen O'Shae played in her mind she lay the lilies at the base of Kathleen's grave and the single rose at the base of Owens. The man had never been one for big signs of affection, so she felt that the one dark and large rose was something he would've appreciated from the girl who had been almost like a daughter to him, while she had remembered how much his wife had loved lilies and would love the ones she had left for her. With one final look at the graves as if to give herself some courage, Payton turned around and got back into her Wrangler, embracing the warmth of her heat against the cold wind coming off the northern Pacific Ocean. She sat there warming up her fingers and glancing at the smudges of pencil dust around her nails and shook her head before once more starting on the last leg of her journey across town.

At her request her brother had kept his big trap shut that Pay was home. She hadn't wanted Bray to feel bad (if he'd wanted to see her), that she hadn't come to see him right away. Jet lag and then school had sort of made that hard, and even her own father, brother, and housemates hadn't seen much of her thanks to her either unpacking, sleeping to get adjusted to the time difference, or else she was at school in Olympia. With a steadying breath she smiled, knowing exactly how she wanted to do this as she pulled up out in front of Bray's house. It was the same house she remembered as a child, the one that he and his father had built for his mother before she'd died. Out of nervous habit, Pay chewed on her bottom lip and slender fingers reached up to trace the crescent moon shaped scar that hooked around her left eye, debating on whether or not to do this or chicken out (which AJ would rag her for later if she did). Slowly though she gathered her courage, cracked the window of the Jeep closest to the house so that her sweet and unusual scent could drift on the wind for any wolf nearby to catch; one specifically if he was home, and pulled out her iPhone from her bag. Nervous fingers trembled as she pulled up his screen name and typed in the first thing she'd said to him in ages.

"Hey stranger, how's it going? If you're still living in that old house of yours, might wanna put your nose to the wind and take a look outside."

For a moment she sat there, looking up at the house and debating on sending it or not before seeing his frame pass in front of a window, and before she could chicken out, hit send and waited for what was to come next.

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Posted by: Brayden A. O'Shae Apr 1 2012, 06:41 PM

Brayden had been running rounds all night, he'd finally gotten home around six in the morning and gotten some sleep. He had told the rest of the crew that he'd be back by sunset, but he was dragging. Though he was alpha, he wasn't made of stone. It was hard work being a werewolf and having the responsibilities that he had. He had no idea how his father did it without complaining and without showing that he was tired at all. Owen had been such a family man and had been there for his family no matter what. Brayden had yet to perfect his time management skills. There was one thing he wanted to do that he'd been putting off, was going to visit his father and mother. He sighed to himself as he got out of bed.

Taking a few steps out of the bathroom he caught a scent that he wasn't sure what it was. It tingled his memories, but he couldn't place it. Turning on his computer at his desk, he clicked on his music and turned up the volume. He might as well get pumped as much as he could for the long night ahead. He couldn't wait for Saturday. It was his designated day off for his pack. Though there were two packs in the area and he knew Roland was having his pack do the same thing with the increase in dangers around the area, he still didn't want to take any chances.

Taking another whiff of the air he caught the faint scent again. Pausing as he pulled on his jeans, Bray couldn't quite put his finger on the smell. He was probably just smelling some random person walking down town or something. Shaking his head he continued to run through the lists of things for the night. He definitely needed to make sure Sonora made dinner tonight. No more take out for the guys and her. It wasn't good for a person to eat fast food for that long. There was plenty of food in the house for her to cook. Or for her to at least force one of the guys to cook. He felt obligated to take care of them all. Just like his father had. His father had done so much for the pack. Made sure that they were all fed, had jobs, had a roof over their heads. Bray felt like he had so much to live up to.

Pulling on his shirt, Bray began to pull on his boots when he heard his phone buzz. Afraid that it might be someone in trouble or hurt, Brayden scrambled for his phone. Glancing at the message he had to take a minute to comprehend what was being said on it. Quickly typing out a message he took another deep breath. I thought you'd forgotten all about me. It was Payton. That's the smell. That's the person he was feeling in the air. Grabbing his jacket off the back of his chair he sprinted down the stairs and opened the door to his house. Glancing around he spotted the jeep with a small smile.

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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 1 2012, 07:15 PM
The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
The message that she got in return made Payton let out a shaky and relieved breath. She was in the middle of typing out a reply to his reply of how could she forget about him when she heard the door open and looked up to see him standing there. For a moment time seemed to stand still as her eyes locked with his across his front lawn. Memories of secret talks late at night, sweets that he had snuck to her to make up for hurt feelings, smiles... it all came rushing back to her as if it were only yesterday. The boy though from her memories was long gone and in his place there was a man that she recognized, but at the same time didn't. She saw his father in him as he stood there in the door of his home, but there were hints of the child she had followed, who was best friends with her brother. And in an instant she remembered how nights seemed empty without him sneaking over to talk to her until she fell asleep. How she had missed him.

Payton didn't realize she'd moved until she was feeling the biting cold wind from the ocean and smelt the tangy salty air of the sea that was only a few yards away. The wind whipped her auburn hair in her face only to be pushed away as her booted feet carried her around the front of the Wrangler and up to the porch. As far as she could remember her eyes never left his. Not a smart move keeping her eyes locked with a wolf; an alpha wolf at that, but she couldn't seem to tear her eyes from his. Finally her feet stopped and she caught a good whiff of the scent that was rolling off of him. Fresh and clean; he must've just taken a shower. Payton shot him a small smile, weak but warm. She was unsure what to say at first and finally broke eye contact to look down at the floorboards of the porch that she had yet to step up on. It was partly in respect for his wolf and the status that he carried. Partly because she wasn't sure if she could make those last few steps after crossing a country, the town, and then his yard. She was afraid of what he'd say about her leaving.

After a moment that seemed to stretch for a lifetime, Pay lifted her gaze again to meet Brayden's, hers full of hope that he'd forgive her for being a scared child and leaving without so much as a goodbye. A slender hand reached up to tuck wind blown hair back into place, revealing new piercings in her ears, and the scar that reminded everyone of just how human she was. Finally after a few moments of putting her thoughts together she had something to give him. "How could I forget you Brayden. You were the one who kept me from feeling like a total outsider when I was feeling at my lowest after a rough day." She answered, her voice soft and carrying a hint of the southern accent she'd picked up. It felt right to be back here, to be talking to Brayden again. Like she was right back where she was supposed to be.

Pay wanted to mend the rift she knew she had caused between them after the day she had gotten hurt and had run from like a scared little rabbit. The fight had been taken out of her that day and she had been afraid of what would happen if she continued to try and fit in when it was so obvious that unless she was bitten, she never would. Payton rubbed her arms as another gust of wind blew by her from the ocean and she turned to look out at the stormy skies and waters. "Looks like a storm is coming in. Mind if I come in, or are you gonna make me run to my Jeep for my jacket so I don't freeze?" Pay asked him once she had turned her gaze back to him. There was a teasing smile on her eyes and sparkle in her eyes, and behind it her mind was realizing what an amazing man Brayden had turned into. Too bad she was no where near the type of girl that he would need as a partner. As soon as that thought came through she wondered where it had come from. Bray had always been a friend, nothing less, nothing more. If anything he had been more like a brother than anything. And that was as far as he probably saw her; a sister.

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Posted by: Brayden A. O'Shae Apr 4 2012, 06:04 PM

When his feet hit the front steps he felt himself suddenly hesitate. It was as though his body had been moving on auto pilot, but when he saw her and his eyes locked on hers, his heart nearly made him gasp with the ache it felt. It was as though all of the feelings he had felt the night he found out that she had left without saying anything to him came rushing back. She had left him alone and without any explanation. It took him a few moments to rationalize with himself about the fact that they were young and she had no way of really knowing how he had felt about her. Not to mention, she had no idea that his father had been killed. How could she know how much he had needed her then. This battle went on inside his body, but his face was frozen. He didn't betray anything on his face for the emotions he was feeling. It was something he had learned to do when his father was killed. Never show how you feel.

The battle inside him lasted for about ten seconds. The length of time it took her to get out of her jeep and make her way across his lawn and stop at the bottom of the porch. It felt like much longer, but he knew it wasn't. Brayden couldn't tear his eyes away from her face. It was so beautiful. Much older than the face he remembered, but what had he expected. It had been at least ten years since he'd seen her. She showed hints of the same girl he had seen every night in his dreams and every time he closed his eyes, but she was different. She had grown into her legs, but her eyes were the same. Her beautiful warm face was the same. He felt the battle inside him rage for a second longer before he felt his heart suddenly healing over. The sound of her voice is what did it. Brayden hadn't heard her voice in person in more than ten years. It was like sunlight melting snow. His insides began to melt.

Hesitating for only a second longer before he took the three stairs at once and reached out and picked her up in a hug. Ignoring her request to come inside, ignoring everything else Brayden literally picked the girl up and spun her around in a hug. It felt good to have her in his arms, but he knew that he couldn't keep her there for long. She had been right, he could smell the rain in the air and feel it on his skin. He'd been able to smell it for hours now. Sure that it was raining a few miles away. Slowly he set her back down on the ground before kissing the top of her head. "Sure, come on in." he said to her with a somewhat husky voice that was bound to betray his feelings right now. The man was a stone usually. Never cracking, never letting people see his weaknesses, but this girl was going to be the death of him he was sure of it. Swallowing he stepped aside and let her pass. He'd have to tell the crew to take a break for the rest of the night. It wouldn't be fair for him to take off but not give them a break. He hadn't heard anything for days, so he was sure it was safe for a break. He'd need a few hours at least to catch up. Then a few more to break AJ's legs for not telling him Payton was back in town. Brayden was debating having her wait so he could go do it now, but he wasn't sure she'd like waiting around for that---though it wouldn't take him long to get there and do the deed. He was faster than AJ and he'd have surprise on his side. Nah, he'd wait. Revenge was better served cold anyway, wasn't that the saying?

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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 4 2012, 07:44 PM
The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
Payton for once in her life became nervous around a wolf as she watched his face and waited for his reaction. Did he hate her for leaving? Was he mad at least? She knew he'd be able to smell the nervousness, know that she was growing anxious. That all died the moment Brayden picked her up in a hug and spun her around. Almost on instinct her arms wrapped around his neck and she hid her face in the crook of his neck, a squeal of laughter bubbling up from her throat. It felt so right to be there, in his arms that it almost hurt. She suddenly felt safer and more where she belonged than she had in years and when he sat back down on her feet, she didn't want to let him go. Her arms stayed loosely looped around his shoulders as she felt him kiss the top of her head.

Growing up among wolves you learn to control your emotions, they could sense them and smell the way it made a person's body react, not to mention hear a human's heartbeat race. Pay had learned how to control all that, however that one kiss totally unwravled her. She knew it was meant to be a brotherly sign of affection, but oh how her heart that had missed him over the years wanted it to mean more. Hazel eyes looked up at him, and in them the emotions she was feeling at seeing him again and realizing that he was what she'd been missing all these years swirled in their depths for a moment before they were masked with just warmth and happiness that he wasn't upset with her.

When she heard the tone in his voice though, that mask faltered as goosebumps rose on her arms that were thankfully covered by the cream colored cropped sweater she wore and made the hair on the back of her neck stand up on end. Reluctantly she let her arms slide from around his broad shoulders where she had left them linger longer than she knew she should have before nodding and starting inside. Pay paused for a moment, sure that he was thinking about getting AJ for not telling him that Pay was back in town. At least if he was the same person she had known when they were little she was sure that was what he was thinking anyway.

"Before you go and start plotting against my brother, he was doing what I asked him to and keeping his big mouth shut." Pay told him with a playful smile after she'd crested the stairs to the porch and turned to look over her shoulder at him. She turned to walk farther onto the porch, stopping by the door at least where it was dry from the rain that even she could smell now. Arms crossed lightly as she waited for him, eyes watching him carefully and taking in every feature that had changed with maturity and the years that had passed. He was everything that she would've wanted in a man, if only he wasn't out of her reach being alpha, and then of course there was the fact he saw her more as a sister (or so she thought).

"I wanted to come see you before, but unless it was either way late, or at oh god thirty in the morning before I went to class it wasn't going to happen. I wanted to see you when we could have time to sit and talk... if you wanted to talk to me anyway." Pay explained quietly as she again tucked errant strands of auburn hair behind her left ear and revealed the scar that he'd never gotten to see until now. The one that had come from the day she'd ran away from her home-- and from him. It was a perfectly shaped pale crescent moon that parted the end of her left eyebrow and hooked around her eye. There was no jaggedness to it, it was smooth and perfect as if she'd drawn it there with a cream colored marker. Irony at its best when she finally realized what it was shaped like.

Once Pay was done with her thoughts of that day and all the guilt she'd felt for abandoning her dad, and her brother, and Bray, hazel eyes lifted once more to look into his and in them was all the emotions that she felt because of that. The apology was there before it hit her lips, as was the pain of knowing what he must've went through seeing his father be killed. She didn't think that her own leaving had mattered that much, if she had the sorrow over what she'd made him go through might've been deeper. "Before we go in... I wanna say sorry Bray. I shouldn't have just left like I did. I was a scared and hurt kid who realized she didn't quite belong. Who would never be like y'all and that trying wasn't going to end well." She started, and in her eyes he could see she meant every word. "I'm... I'm sorry about your Dad too, I wanted to call or come up when AJ told me, but he said you took off..." She trailed off weakly, hoping beyond all hope that he'd accept her apology and the knowledge that she had thought about him; worried about him after he lost his dad.

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Posted by: Brayden A. O'Shae Apr 7 2012, 02:15 PM

He could see the struggle in her eyes. She knew him so well, even after all these years---after all this time away from each other. She could still tell what was going on inside his head with just one look. He loved that about her. He loved the connection that they had always had with each other. The thought of losing her again caused his heart to squeeze. With a sigh, he slowly took a deep breath to calm his emotions inside. He was alpha, the last thing he needed was for his stupid best friend to piss him off so badly that he lost his cool in front of Payton when she was finally here to see him. Besides it was about to rain, though it wouldn't slow him down when he broke AJ's legs, he'd feel bad making her wait for him. And even though he knew AJ would heal within a few hours, the satisfaction of causing him some pain was up there with the feeling of not wanting to cause Payton any discomfort.

He weighed the options and took a hard look at Payton's face. How long would it be before she spoke to him again if he actually broke AJ's legs. Well, the better question would be how long could he last with knowing that she was in town and then also knowing that she wasn't speaking to him. Not long if he was really truly honest with himself. Swallowing he took a step towards her, clearly making the choice to stay with her and spend the night with her. He did need to make a few calls though before he got too comfortable. He wouldn't call AJ though, he still wanted his attack to be a surprise. He looked up at Payton, the look she gave him confused him, but it also sent his blood boiling with excitement. All of the emotions he was now feeling, if he had been a new or young wolf without practice, he'd have changed on the spot. Thank god he was practiced.

Shrugging he looked down at her feet and rubbed the back of his neck. "No idea what you're talking about. I'd never do anything to hurt our precious AJ!" He said as he sent her a smirking smile. He wasn't exactly being honest, but the two had scuffles all the time. Nothing serious. "Don't blame yourself Payday. I get it that you didn't come see me. LIfe can be a bitch sometimes." As much as he did feel hurt that she didn't come see him, he didn't want her to feel bad for living her life. He wouldn't have known what to say to him either if he were in her shoes. It was bad enough on the other end. He himself had no idea what to say to her, and he's not the one that left. Just then he noticed her scar. It was in the same place that the blood had poured from her head that night. He felt himself automatically reaching out for her. He knew better, it wasn't like he didn't have manners and it was clear that she was somewhat self conscious of it. Taking a few steps forward to reach her on the porch. He reached out to her and ran his thumb over the much cooler moon shaped scar that nearly circled her eye.

"Payton I'm so sorry.."

He said in a soft voice. Leaning forward he kissed the scar lightly. He felt solely responsible for the scar and her entire miserable childhood. He could have stopped it, but he didn't. In his defense he was just a child, but he knew better. He should have protected her better. When she began to apologize for things that were beyond her control, for her past choices that he shouldn't be mad at anyway, he leaned back slightly and looked at her.

"Payton! Stop. What are you talking about? You shouldn't be sorry for anything. You had no control over anything that's happened. Don't be sorry."

He took her hand and pulled her into the house.

"There has to be something to eat in here. Come in out of the cold."

Just in time, he smiled to himself. He knew it was just about to rain. The rain began to fall as soon as the door clicked shut behind them. Falling in sheets over everything. Icy sheets of rain bouncing off of the exact spot that they had just been standing on.

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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 7 2012, 02:42 PM
The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
"Uh huh... sure you wouldn't.' Pay responded, arms crossing in front of her, and one eyebrow raising to disappear beneath long bangs. She knew better than to believe that line. And a line was just what it was, especially with how he called AJ 'precious'. That one word alone caused Payton to roll her eyes and shake her head. When he told her not to blame herself, all light hearted thoughts stalled and soulful hazel eyes turned on Brayden. She wasn't blaming herself totally, but she did feel bad that she hadn't managed to squeeze in some time to come see him. Truth be told she had been afraid to come see him. Afraid that he wouldn't be so welcoming of her as he was now. "Yeah... it sure can," Pay murmured, her eyes shifting away from him as her own moments of losing her mom for a while, watching her dad's heartbreak, feeling betrayed as her mom married another man and had kids... the accident, the tormenting at college that had turned into hate crimes... life really could be a bitch when she wanted to be.

Again as always, Bray had a way of derailing her thoughts, though this time was not with a witty or funny remark. This time was with a touch. She felt his warm hand on the side of her face, his rough thumb caressing the pale scar that hooked around her left eye and it all sent chills down her spine. Before she could control herself, Payton's eyes closed slowly and a soft sigh escaped her lips as her head turned into his hand. She heard his apology and the softness in his voice and then... then he kissed the scar. Almost as if she was under a spell, Pay felt time slow down and stop. When her eyes opened again those same hazel eyes were huge and doey and full of questions. Questions about what she was feeling for him, questions about where they stood. All before it was masked and she reluctantly forced herself to pull away from his warm hand.

Once she had a small (but easily crossable) space between them, Pay licked her lips slightly and "I-it wasn't your fault Bray. It wasn't anyone's. It was an accident." Pay managed to get out, her voice faltering at first, full of the emotions she was trying to hide.

As he told her to not apologize for anything, she still felt the need to. She knew how she'd hurt everyone and how he had hurt; especially after the loss of his dad and she felt bad about it. She was sorry it had happened and that she hadn't been there like she had as a kid for him when his mom had died. Instead of arguing (stubborn redhead she might be, and somewhere inside stubborn wolf), she just nodded her head. She knew better than to argue with a wolf-- an alpha wolf at that. So instead she let him lead her inside his home. It was the same as she remembered it, if not showing more signs of younger wolves lived here rather than a family.

Pay hadn't even paid the cold attention after he had traced the scar and then kissed it. Once inside though and the moment gone she was all too aware that she was shivering slightly. One of the many downsides of being human. No sooner than they were inside good and her eyes had barely adjusted to the change in light did the bottom fall out outside and Pay turned to the door and windows to watch the rain fall. "Unless this one is just a short burst... looks like you're gonna be stuck with me for a while." Pay commented before remembering he'd said something about food. "If you've got some hot chocolate or coffee that'd be enough for me. I'm not all that hungry right now." She told him as her eyes wandered over the walls, memories flooding back with each step she took.

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Posted by: Brayden A. O'Shae Apr 7 2012, 05:20 PM

He had seen the look in her eyes that she had let slip when he touched her head. It was confusing to him to see it. She had never shown any kind of interest in him past best friend and perhaps seeing him as an older brother type. It killed him to even think that he might be in that category. The one where you are stuck in the just friends group. There was no getting out of that group, or so heard. He'd never been in that situation before, no girl had ever just wanted to be friends with him before. Not that he was being vain, but it was true. He tended to get attention that he didn't want. He'd already given his heart to Payton when he was ten years old. This look that he saw in her beautiful hazel eyes gave him hope that he wasn't going to die without maybe having a chance with her. And since he was immortal that was kind of difficult.

Turning around to watch her looking out the window, Brayden couldn't help but smile. It had been way too long since she'd been inside his house. He remembered when his father and him had built this house. Before they had lived almost next door to Payton and her family. But when his mother got sick, his father went into hyper drive to make as many of her wishes come true before she passed. One of the most important things she wanted was to live on the beach. She wanted to walk out of her back door and right onto the sand. His dad had made that happen. He remembered the first time that Payton had come into this house. It wasn't finished yet, but he'd been so excited to show someone and AJ wouldn't appreciate it. Though they were young, Brayden had brought Payton here. He already had feelings for her at that time, though he wasn't sure what they were. They were best friends at least.

He remembered Payton at a young age, she had stood on her tip toes looking out one of the windows that was already framed in to look at the sea. She had been so in love with the spot. Telling him how much she thought his mother would love it. And she did love it, for the last few months that she lived she had loved the home he had help his father build. He smiled watching her turn to look at the rain. "Oh shit really? I'm don't know what I'm going to do! My girl is supposed to come over tonight....maybe she won't mind." He said with a pained and worried look on his face. He couldn't hold it for long though before he gave her a grin and laughed. "I'm kidding! She won't be mad at all. I have coffee and hot chocolate your pick." He said walking towards the kitchen before glancing back at her face and giving her another grin. "I'm kidding again Payday." He thought he should make it clear that he was free, just in case.

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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 7 2012, 05:54 PM
The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
Payton too remembered her first time in that house as her eyes looked over at the very window she had stood on her toes to look out of. That time seemed like it was a million years ago, lifetimes. In a way she wished she could get it back, in a way she was glad for the time she had to grow up. The time she matured in and became the woman that stood now at that very window. Fingers brushed lightly against the wood that her little arms had rested on to try and help hoist herself up to get as good of a view as possible as she moved over to the window; unaware that her memories and Brayden's weren't too far off from each others. That day they were both remember the sea had been calm and sparkling with rare sunlight. Today as she looked out on it, it was a stormy dark tempest that faded to gray nothingness a few yards out because of the heavy rain that was falling. Almost like her emotions were: stormy and rocky. She was unsure of herself for the first time in ages. Payton Dallas was falling for the man who might as well have been like an older brother to her, and she didn't know what to do.

"Oh shit really? I'm don't know what I'm going to do! My girl is supposed to come over tonight....maybe she won't mind."

Pay knew part of him was teasing, or at least she hoped so, and then she heard the second line about his girl not being mad. For an instant her heart dropped, skipped a few beats, before racing. All of it betraying her if he was listening in. He would hear the unusual beat, and probably put two and two together. Oh how she wished she had learned to control that part of her emotions better. Wolves were killer lie detectors and even better at telling when someone was scared or affected somehow by something they said. Payton's face was fairly emotionless, not showing anymore signs of how the idea that he had a girl was making her feel like it was a bad idea she was here.

Then he told her he was joking. Again. Pay was relieved in a way, but at the same time she was ready to beat him, and the glare she shot over her shoulder at him was a good hint as to how much she didn't appreciate that teasing. "Ha.Ha." She retorted dryly as she walked over to him and towards the kitchen, playfully shoving at his arm; knowing full well that it wouldn't do any good but he'd get the picture as she finally moved past him and into the kitchen. "So. Point me in the direction of the coffee or chocolate. I've become picky about either in our years apart." She told him with a grin as she finally turned around and leaned against the counter, elbows resting on it as again she watched him from beneath dark lashes and long bangs and admire the man he'd become. Sure he might only see her as a sister, and he was her brother's best friend, but it didn't mean that she couldn't look and admire the view.

Once she was done doing just that, Pay looked around at the kitchen, remembering all the memories of his mom that she had here. "I uhm... I stopped by to see your parents on the way here. Left some flowers for them. If you go over there anytime soon." Payton finally told him, breaking the silence that had stretched between them, she knew he'd probably be able to scent the lilies and the rose on her and know what she left, she could even faintly smell the rose on her fingers when she ran her fingers through her hair. After a few more quiet minutes, Pay looked over at Bray again a warm smile on her face and her mask dropped for a moment so he could see just how much she meant the words that were about to spill from her lips. "Its really good to see you again Bray. I... I missed hanging out with you and AJ." Pay told him, though she really wanted to say she'd missed him, but figured that'd be overstepping her boundaries a bit too much this soon.

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Posted by: Brayden A. O'Shae Apr 7 2012, 08:22 PM

He saw the look on her face as he turned his head to look back at her. She hadn't changed a bit, maybe gotten older and a bit more spunky, but he knew he'd pay for teasing her like that---even though he was well able to handle anything she was capable of dishing out---it was still not fun to have a pissed red head. He laughed when she glared at him and shoved him as she walked passed him to the kitchen. It wasn't like he was complaining to have her lead the way. He liked the view from behind, but he was a gentleman after all, so when she turned around he averted his eyes. She walked into the house like she belonged there, like she'd been there her whole life and he loved that feeling. This girl was everything to him and as much as he hated the idea of a mate, of loving someone so much that you are bound to them in every way that you can be, he wanted that with Payton. His whole being reached out for her like she was made just for him.

When she turned around and asked him where the coffee or hot chocolate was because she was picky now that she was older and more mature he gave her a look. Really? We don't have fancy college coffee or hot chocolate. Just regular backwoods, Thunder Cove store brand stuff. You'll have to do with that Miss. I'm too good for our stuff." He teased her and took out the boxes and tossed them on the counter in front of where she was leaning. He watched her for a second. He could hear her heart beat. He heard the irregularity in it when he actually tuned into it. WIth his hearing it was hard sometimes to focus on just one thing unless you wanted to. He swallowed for a second and then with a mischievous look on his face he waited until she wasn't looking before he literally bounded over the island in the center of the kitchen and scooped her up tickling her as he went. "Not so tough now are you!?" he said with a laugh before setting her down.

He had smelled the lilies on her along with a strong smell of roses, so when she mentioned that she had given his parents flowers his mood suddenly shifted yet again. His inner wolf was going mad at this point. With all of the highs and lows he was feeling. It was taking all he could not to rip apart. But he steadied his breathing and looked down at her. Her hazel eyes were so beautiful it was hard not to stare at them for a short time. "My mom would have loved that. And you know dad, he'd have said it was a waste, but he'd thank you anyway and call you a doll." He said with a smile and a sigh softly. He felt such a pull towards her as he stood so close to her. He still had his hands around her waist at that moment. He suddenly felt like it was now or never. He'd waited too long and he needed her in his life now. Leaning down he stole a kiss. A soft and tender kiss on the lips. Their first ever. It wasn't long, just a small one. Enough to show her what he wanted. Pulling away from her he looked into her eyes.

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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 7 2012, 08:46 PM
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Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
Payton knew he was going to tease her about her coffee or hot chocolate comment, so when the comment came all she did was roll her eyes at him good naturedly, a smile on her face. She was just about to start fixing her mug of chocolate, she wasn't up for coffee without her usual creamer when Bray literally pounced on her and scooped her up. Payton's uncontrollable giggles filled the house as she squirmed and tried to get away from Bray. Never would she admit she didn't think she was tough; not to mention she was laughing too much as he seemed to remember and exploit all her ticklish spots that he and her brother had found when they were children. Ohhh he was going to pay for this once she got where she could. Her heart was pounding for an entirely different reason as he finally put her back on her feet and she looked up at him. Her cheeks were flushed from her squriming and trying to free herself as well as from her laughing.

It took her a few steadying breaths to realize her hands were resting on his strong chest as she met his eyes once more and almost had to remind herself to keep breathing. She nodded quietly as he talked about the gesture she'd made in memory of his parents, "I can hear your dad saying that too. Its why I didn't do that much for him, just a single rose." She murmured, mesmerized by his green eyes and the light from his wolf she could see ghosting them. When he smiled Payton felt herself melt in his arms and was glad that she had him in front of her and the counter behind her to lean against or it felt like her knees would've given out on her. For the second time it felt like time slowed and then stopped as she saw what he was about to do, everything seemed to stop. Time, her heart, breathing-- it all stopped as if she were in a dream as she felt the brush of his lips against hers. Pay felt his rough stubble against her smooth and soft skin and felt her heart skip a beat as she soon found herself kissing him back. It was the first time they'd kissed and part of her hoped it wasn't the last either.

The part that was afraid though made her pull back slowly, afraid to break the moment before her eyes opened to look into his questioningly. Before he could answer though, the fear of what this meant got the better of her as she uncurled her fingers from his shirt where they'd hooked into it during the kiss. A kiss that she could still feel on her lips and all the way to her very core. "Bray... I... I..." She fumbled, totally at a loss for words before she pulled herself from his arms. God how she hated to do that too, the world suddenly felt a lot colder and a lot emptier without them around her. Slowly, without thinking of how she'd affect his wolf with what she was about to do, Pay backed towards the door before turning and running out into the rain. Payton had thought she'd stopped running, that she was ready to face everything she had left behind in Thunder Cove, but the idea that the boy; the man that she had come to realize only a short while ago she loved, loved her back was almost too much to handle.

The moment she was out on the porch, her long legs carrying her down the steps in one leap almost, her boots short heel almost causing her to break her neck, and the rain hit her she realized that she'd practically invited Brayden to chase her. Or at least had invited his wolf to chase her. Payton knew that running from a predator was not a smart move but she'd gotten used to running from things that scared her. First from the pack when she was a child, to running from school with the hate crimes against those who sympathized with the supernatural world. Sure those were for her own safety in the long run, but it was still running. And now she was running from Bray, from what she had probably instigated and what she knew she wanted. How could he see her like that though? How could he see the girl who was more like a little sister... in that way? Had she missed something all these years? Her mind and heart were torn and storming as much as the skies and sea, and for once Payton was lost in that sea with no hope of an anchor just yet or a lighthouse to guide her in the right direction. Even if her heart was telling her the right direction, she just had to be brave enough to follow it.

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The feeling of her in his arms was everything he needed. He hadn't felt whole, or like a normal person since his mother had passed away. Since then he had been struggling for air. Like he was drowning and nothing he did was good enough. He couldn't struggle for air and life any longer. Then suddenly this girl showed back up and was breathing life back into him. He wasn't struggling with her in his arms, she was offering him more than just a boat. It was everything he needed. As he pulled away from her he saw it in her eyes. He saw the fear. The struggle that was going on inside her. He waited to see which would win out. It was like that moment was frozen in time. He could feel her heart pounding against him and in his ears. It was pound so loudly that it was causing his wolf to pulse. He wanted to let him out, but he wouldn't dare let him out near this girl. Though he could pretty much control himself when he was in wolf form, he wouldn't chance anything around her.

That's the second when he saw the choice her body was making. It was as though he could hear it before she knew it was going to actually happen or before her body reacted to the choice. He felt his heart literally shattering and crushing into pieces as her fingers released his shirt and she ran from his arms. His human self watched her run from the room, down the hall, passed the pictures and out of the door. He heard her on the porch and on the steps before he let into his wolf instinct to follow her. He could feel the guttural growl down in his belly as it ripped up and out of his throat. It was more of a mix between pain, anger, betrayal, and frustration.

It took him less than a second to catch up with her. The rain, he felt it on his hot skin. The icy sheets crashed down on him as he planted his feet firmly on the ground. "PAYTON!" He snarled. "You can't run from everything! You know you can't! What more do I have to do to get your attention!" He took a few steps to reach her. Grabbing her arms he spun her around to face him. Both of them soaked. The bone chilling rain steadied him. It cooled his burning skin and his monster within. He gripped her arms and shook her roughly, but not enough to hurt her. "You're so stupid! How can you run from this? It's too strong for either of us to ignore and yet you're willing to throw it all away for what? Nothing!" He'd been shouting at her the entire time. Letting her arms go he took a few steps back from her panting. Letting the rain hit him waiting for her to turn and run. He wasn't going to chase her anymore. He'd done everything he could. If she didn't know how he felt about her by now she'd never know.

His entire body shook with emotions. He couldn't feel the cold, but he knew she could. There wasn't anything he could do to stop this moment from happening. It wasn't like he thought it was going to happen, but he couldn't keep it in any longer. He needed to have her in his life or not at all. He needed to know where she stood. If she only thought of him as an older brother than there wasn't anything he could do about that. He could only give her a hug and let her go. If that's what she wanted. The sky above them was black with anger and the rain poured out all the feelings he was feeling at that moment.

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Posted by: Payton H. Dallas Apr 7 2012, 09:52 PM
The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
Payton was halfway to her Jeep when she heard her name. The power and emotion behind it stopped her dead in her tracks. She might not have been a wolf, but regardless when an alpha spoke like that even humans listened. As she felt his rough and strong hands on her arms, turning her to face him as he snarled at her, letting her have it for running. She knew it hadn't been the smartest move in the world, and she knew it would hurt. But it was overwhelming to think that he... that he wanted her in his life like that. She stood there in the rain with him, allowing him to yell at her. Her hair and clothes were plasted to her skin, the rain rolling down her face almost like tears; actually concealing the ones that had slipped out. He was right, she was stupid and she couldn't run from everything. "Did it ever occur to you Brayden O'Shae that I'm afraid?!" She yelled back at him over the rain. Where he'd held onto her arms and shook her, she could still feel the burning heat left over. "That I didn't think I was any thing more to you than a little sister??" She added in, some of the heat of her temper leaking into her voice. He shouldn't have yelled at her like he did. She was going on the defensive.

Finally she looked away from him and felt her body start trembling from the effort it was taking to keep her own emotions in check before she let out a deep sigh and her shoulders slumped in defeat. "Bray... I, I've missed you all these years, and then everything that just happened... seeing you again..." She rambled weakly, her teeth and bottom lip trembling from the cold rain and just the strain on her emotions. Hazel eyes looked up at him, helplessness in their depths, the fear of what could come out of them admitting there was something between them, the feelings that she had for him, all were swirling in their depths. She wanted to tell him everything. Tell him how she had trouble sleeping for almost a year or better because she had been waiting for him to come sneak in her room and talk to her until she passed out. How she felt about him. The only problem was though, Payton was the worst about telling people how she felt about them outside of family. And Bray was certainly not looking like family anymore.

"Bray... you've got my attention... you've had it for a long time. I just... I don't know if I'm what you need..." It wasn't exactly an excuse but it was part of the reason she had ran. Could she, the girl that should have been a wolf but wasn't, be good enough for him, an Alpha? Payton wanted him to say she was, give her that boost and let her know that it was safe to do this. To fall for him completely and let him know it. To show him that she loved him (yes, loved him, she'd had too many long years without his presence to know that it was love), and that she realized for sure it was love when she saw him today. To be with him, maybe as his other half if that's what he wanted of her. Payton searched his eyes, seeing they were lighter; signaling to her that his wolf was close and she slowly and carefully took a step towards him.

Payton lifted her hand and turned his head gently to look at her, her thumb softly running along his strong cheekbone under his eye in a similar way that he'd done with her scar. Her eyes said more than words could as she bit her bottom lip for a moment, the hesitation obvious in her eyes and on her face as she shifted closer to him and tilted her head up a little more to gently press her lips against him. It was a sign to show that whatever was going to happen, she wasn't going to run from it now. She'd run enough in her life, she didn't need to run from him. It was time for her to accept that sure she might be afraid but this was where she belonged: she belonged with her dad and brother, she belonged in Thunder Cove, and she belonged with Brayden. Maybe that was why she'd had the dreams all these years of the moon, the forest, and of a wolf in the distance. It wasn't her own wolf that she should've been, but his wolf. It was him calling her home; calling her back to him.

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Her words infuriated him. They were excuses, and pathetic at that. He'd earned the right to not sugar coat things with her. She'd been running from things her whole life. Always giving up on people and things, mostly on him. She gave up on him when he was younger and she was giving up on him again now when he was giving himself to her. Not good enough for him? He understood fear. He'd been afraid, but he'd come back and faced his fears and when he got here and realized that it was real and he hadn't dreamed it he had stuck around and faced them anyway. He hadn't run a second time. He'd never run from something ever again. She had a right to fear things, but how could she fear him. He had to calm down. He opened his eyes and looked at the girl that stood shivering and angry in front of him. He watched as her emotions played across her face. She was confused, angry and then resigned. Her shoulders hunched as if in defeat to her true feelings.

Through all of this he hadn't said anything. He'd said what he'd needed, he was using all of his strength to hold in his wolf. To keep him at bay. It was then that he heard her last words. What if she wasn't what he needed? She was everything he needed and he was what she needed. He could feel it coursing through his viens. He could feel it as though she were another apendage on his body. He didn't even need a witch to complete the ritual, he had already mated with this girl. She had been born for him, and he was made for her. If he could feel this how come she couldn't. How could she even entertain the thought that she wasn't good enough for him. Had he really not shown her enough times that the fact that she wasn't a wolf wasn't important to him. He could have had any wolf he wanted, but they weren't for him. She was.

It was as though he had slipped into his own head for a moment thinking about how absurd she was being. How crazy it was for her to think that she wasn't good enough for him. If anything he wasn't good enough for her. She was a true alpha's daughter. He hadn't even been strong enough to keep his father's pack. He hadn't been able to do it like his father had. He would never be the man that his father was. He knew that. Suddenly her hand was on his face and he focused back to reality. Back on the girl that was in front of him shivering in the cold, icy wind. He wanted to shield her from the rain that was beating down on them. He knew how cold she must really be. Then he felt her lips touching his lightly. The hold he had on his wolf released. With that the passion that he had for this girl enveloped him completely. He wrapped his large arm around her waist and lifted her off of the ground, pressing her to him. With his free hand he pressed her head harder kissing her deeper. He wanted to mould her into him, but he knew he'd crush her if he wasn't careful. He let his lips part hers, kissing her more passionately. He hadn't realized how much time went by, but his human mind began to regain control over his body to remind him of the cold that was eating away at Payton. Slowly he forced his body to set the girl down on her feet. Taking a shaky breath he let his hands gently hold the sides of her face as he kissed her head. "Come inside...please"

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The stars are all afire in the sky
Sometimes I get so lonely I could die.
Payton could see the anger as she explained and she knew he could see only excuses. While they might have been that, to her they were vaild. He had to see that she believed them if anything. She had felt the pull back to him, while it may have only come in the form of dreams over the years apart, it had solidified and made itself known the moment she saw him today. Every moment that he hadn't been there had seemed like a lifetime, and those were all gone now that she was here with him. She knew from what her father had told her about when a wolf finds their other half, what it was like for both of them and if this wasn't it... then Payton didn't think she'd ever know what it was like. She felt complete, safe, and knew without a shadow of a doubt that he was perfect for her. He didn't care about what she should've or shouldn't have been. He knew her, what made her smile, what riled her temper. And while they might be an explosive pair at times, they were good for each other. She knew it she'd just been too scared to admit it.

And when she finally had worked up the courage to kiss him, to accept what was between them and he had at first not returned that kiss she thought she'd screwed herself over with running for the last time. Then his strong arms wrapped around her and lifted her off her feet and the world stopped again as her own arms looped around his neck. Kissing him was what she'd been wanting, and the kiss he returned hers with was more passionate and almost demanding that she had expected it would be. At first she paused before giving into his kiss. She was no longer aware of the rain, nor the cold that was seeping into her slender frame. All she was aware of was the fact that the man of her dreams was kissing her and that by pack standards she was practically his. All that would have to be done was declare it so to the packs, or there was the old way of doing it that the thought had her blood boiling. That was definitely her brain going a little far into overdrive on the whole situation.

As Bray slowly let her back down to her feet, she kept her arms around him and close to his larger and warmer frame. Payton smiled softly up at him as he held her face in his hands and kissed her head before asking her to come inside. Without a word Pay nodded, her arms sliding down his chest before one hand found his. This wasn't exactly what she had planned when she had decided to come see him today. She had planned on maybe if she was lucky working on rekindling their friendship. Not practically seal a mate bond. She could feel the edges of it tingling at her awareness. Feel him there and knew that she would have a hard time going home that night. Boy... would this be interesting to explain to her father and brother. The latter of whom she was sure was going to threaten to behead the wolf at her side, the love she'd been waiting her entire life for.

Once inside it became all too apparent to Payton that they both had been standing out in the rain and were soaked to the skin as she stood in his hallway soaked and dripping water onto the floor. Pay looked down at her soaking clothes and hair and made a face before looking up at Brayden, "Wouldn't happen to have a spare set of dry clothes in my size would you?" She asked him with a teasing smile, knowing full well he didn't and that she'd probably wind up in something of his... not that wearing something of his was a bad thing.

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He followed on her feet until they were both safely inside. His body was shaking with the exertion of what had just happened. The emotional roller coaster that he had just been on with this girl. His inner wolf was still pushing at his skin to be released. He could physically feel the wolf pushing and ripping at his skin. The skin on his arms burned slightly as it tried to pull away and change. Brayden paused at the door before entering after Payton. Gripping the edges of the door and letting the cold rain water wash over him for just a minute longer. Focusing on his breathing keeping himself under control. Then he heard her voice. It was such a beautiful sound. He could lose himself in it if he let himself.

Taking a deep breath he opened his eyes at the sound of her voice. What was she asking for? Oh clothes, of course he could find something for her. Though he was seriously considering giving her something of Sonora's, but the idea of having Payton wearing those clothes didn't sit well with him, not to mention she was too short for Payton to fit into her stuff. He forced himself to smile through the pain he was trying to force down. "Sure, Love. I'll find something for you." He stepped inside and closed the door behind him. It instantly sent a gush of warm air over his face. He could smell her with that gust of air. Pushing himself away from her so he didn't lose himself completely with the urges he had for her at that moment, Brayden went towards his bedroom.

"You remember where the bathroom is don't you?" It made him laugh a little to himself when he had to ask her this. Of course she remembers, she grew up here practically. Heading into his room he pulled out a shirt, and a pair of his sweatpants for her. He was sure they'd be too big, but it was all he really had for her. He was dripping all over the place and he was sure that she was turning blue by this point. Turning towards he he smiled sheepishly "They'll be too big for you, but at least they're dry! There should be some towels in there and you're welcome to take a shower if you want." He said awkwardly. This wasn't the way he wanted this to go. He wanted to ravish her completely at this point! Not be nervous around her! He grabbed himself a towel from the closet so he could change and dry when she went into the bathroom.

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