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Posted by: Moon Bound Admin Mar 13 2012, 02:28 PM
For We Are Many
the member directory

This is so that we can all keep up with who plays who on Moon Bound. Please everyone make sure to sign up for this so that we can keep up with who is playing what character. Also please, post in code and make sure to remove the asterisks * from the code!

for girls:
[*code]<div class="girls">your name ,</div> <div class="character">character<br><div><p>[/*code]

for guys:
[*code]<div class="guys">your name ,</div> <div class="character">character<br> <div><p>[/*code]
aj! ,
moriko rei jensen
parker Liwanu Koktelash

Abbie Nora Weiss
Cody Ethan Grier
finn patrick donovan
James David Haden

Ara ,
Payton Hope Dallas
Ryder Chase Stone

Cha ,
Eric Chayton Ribeks
Trevor Ryan Donaldson

dakota ,
Samuel William Halliwell

Evelyn ,
Sage Rena Harper

Faith ,
Sonora Kate Danvers

Hayley ,
Jade Mika James
damian joseph hill

kolchak ,
calvin richard kolchak

josie ,
aaron jeremiah dallas

Nathan ,
Christian Alexander Fallon

nik ,
Luna Anastasia Lowell

Nicholas Richard Doyle
Chelsea Eve McIntire

Twora ,
Brayden Alexander O'Shae
Cadence Nichole Khota

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