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Welcome to Moon Bound, an original supernatural RPG set in the fictional town of Thunder Cove, Washington.

Its early winter 2013, and the snow is already getting deep in the small coastal town of Thunder Cove. Things in this picturesque tourist town aren't exactly what they seem. Nothing in the world is what it seemed anymore, its as if the closer the world came to that fateful day on the Mayan calendar, the more the supernatural creatures of the world woke up and made their presence known. The fae are walking among us now, as are the old spirit guides and warriors of old Native American lore. The werewolf, vampire, and skinwalker populations have all taken a sudden rise, and the witches of old who had thought their powers lost to them have suddenly found themselves able to do magic again. The world hasn't ended, but its changing. Some say for the better, some say for the worst. In Thunder Cove, the population is split in half knowing that their town is a supernatural hot spot can make things difficult-- especially when the normal members of the population are part of the food chain.

Humans 5 3
Witches 1 0
Spirit Warriors 2 0
Fae 0 2
Skinwalkers 2 1
Werewolves 4 3
Vampires 0 2
TOTALS 14 11
Single 13 10
Mated 1 1
TOTALS 14 11
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 Dreams and Premonitions, tag; Payton
Christian A. Fallon
 Posted: May 9 2012, 08:38 AM


Witch. 18 (really 38), from Thunder Cove
Seeing Sera ---.
14 posts. Played by Nathan

Chris shivered violently as he half-stumbled out of his door, tugging on his jacket and wishing he’d thought to bring a pair of gloves. Then again, they wouldn’t help that much. Only part of his chill was due to the temperature, in fact, he barely felt it given his inner turmoil. He was so consumed in his thoughts that he was halfway to the sidewalk before he realised his front door was still wide open. A couple muttered words and a sharp gesture behind him fixed that, a sudden gust of wind slamming the door. The concentration necessary to cast the spell cleared his head and gave him a chance to collect himself. He needed...something. There was something he was meant to do...something was happening. Was going to happen. Had happened. Might happen. Time was always a little confusing after his visions.

They came on again at no more provocation than that thought, images and sensations, flashing through his body like he was living through milliseconds in someone’s life, impossible to reconcile to any sort of coherent story. Darkness. Pain. Fear. Blood. Pain. Alone. Afraid. Monsters. Pain. Pain. Pain PainPainPainPainPAIN. When he came back to himself, Chris was leaning against a fence, trying his best not to vomit up the rest of his dinner. His nerves tingled with an odd sensation that took a while to fade, as though they should be on fire with agony, but couldn’t sense the stimulus that made them feel like that. And he prayed fervently to any god or goddess that listened that they never would, he prayed no-one would, that this future was the worst possible one he was living through, but he didn’t have high hopes.

With one last deep, shuddering breath to steady himself, Chris pushed himself off the fence, back onto his feet, forcing himself to continue walking. He didn’t know where he was going, or why, he simply knew he had to. It was a queer feeling, he was basically a puppet to his power, going somewhere because something needed to be done. It didn’t happen often, and never before had he felt it this powerfully, but it was probably best not to fight it. Not that Chris was sure he could fight it if he tried. He felt dislocated from reality, barely attached to his body. Like some sort of dream (maybe a nightmare) he couldn’t wake up from.

It seemed to take no time (and yet all the time in the world) for Chris to reach what seemed to be his destination. He barely spared a glance for the sign on the 24 hour diner/coffee shop, the only one in town. Instead his eyes were drawn, just for a moment, to the moon. Fuller and brighter than usual, it seemed to dominate the sky, perhaps giving him the reason for the strength of his visions. After all, it was only a couple of days since his circle had gathered for the Perigee-Syzgy of the moon, colloquially known as a supermoon. Tearing his eyes away, Chris moved to the door, hesitating for a long moment with his hand on the door, images and snapshots from his vision flashing though his mind. A big part of him didn’t want to have to confront that. Unfortunately, it seemed that most of being a male witch was doing things you don’t want to.

Somehow the sound of the bell, the cheery jingle as he opened the door, even that sounded ominous tonight. Thankfully, Chris barely heard it, his attention snapping straight to the young woman sitting in one of the booths. He would have called her beautiful, if he noticed women other than Sera, and if he’d spared a moment’s thoughts before his actions. Never before had his visions been this clear, he felt as if he knew everything about her. ”Payton Dallas, something very, very bad is going to happen in your future.” He told her, not bothering with preamble as he sat himself opposite her in the booth, not quite able to look at her, for fear of suffering through his dream again. Even just the glimpses of her aura were fascinating.

[[690-ish words, wearing clothes. I hate it, but I cannot spend longer on it, it's already been like 4 days.]]
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