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Welcome to Moon Bound, an original supernatural RPG set in the fictional town of Thunder Cove, Washington.

Its early winter 2013, and the snow is already getting deep in the small coastal town of Thunder Cove. Things in this picturesque tourist town aren't exactly what they seem. Nothing in the world is what it seemed anymore, its as if the closer the world came to that fateful day on the Mayan calendar, the more the supernatural creatures of the world woke up and made their presence known. The fae are walking among us now, as are the old spirit guides and warriors of old Native American lore. The werewolf, vampire, and skinwalker populations have all taken a sudden rise, and the witches of old who had thought their powers lost to them have suddenly found themselves able to do magic again. The world hasn't ended, but its changing. Some say for the better, some say for the worst. In Thunder Cove, the population is split in half knowing that their town is a supernatural hot spot can make things difficult-- especially when the normal members of the population are part of the food chain.

Humans 5 3
Witches 1 0
Spirit Warriors 2 0
Fae 0 2
Skinwalkers 2 1
Werewolves 4 3
Vampires 0 2
TOTALS 14 11
Single 13 10
Mated 1 1
TOTALS 14 11
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 Spirit Warriors
Moon Bound Admin
 Posted: Mar 5 2012, 05:05 PM

"Two Souls, One Heart"

Staff. Immortal, from Amarillo
Not Mated.
91 posts. Played by N/A

Erika M. Last
26, spirit warrior, katrina law, player
Headstrong and independent. Those are the first two words that anyone would use to describe Erika would be. The daughter of Wolf, Erika is a proud and strong young woman. She holds a grudge against her father, Wolf for leaving her mother and breaking her heart, but is proud to call herself his daughter. Erika first learned who her real father was when she was sixteen and her mother had been remarried for three years. Her step-father had known about the circumstances of Erika's birth and finally sat her down and told her who her birth father was. Erika has a love for adrenaline rushes, and gets alone with men better than she does with women usually. Erika is determined to find her place among the supernatural, and has her father's pride. Which often gets her in trouble with the werewolves. Erika believes that because her father is Wolf that she is above them, and the wolves have no problem putting her in her place and showing her just who is the stronger species.

Derek M. Last
24, spirit warrior, alex meraz, player
The son of Cougar, Derek is a spontaneous and determined young man. Under most circumstances he is a very level headed individual, and most if asked would say that once he gets a few more years under his belt, he would be a good leader. Derek however is still young and takes full advantage of his mother's attempts to make up for the father figure he never had in his life by spoiling him with expensive gifts. Derek believes that his father died at the hands of a vampire gang in Olympia, and because of this he has an intense hatred for the creatures. At the mention of them Derek's eyes will often darken for a second before lighting to a gold, revealing his cougar form is close to the surface. Derek's shifts are often more werewolf-like in the sense that they are more often triggered by him losing his temper rather than him calling on the form himself. Derek does not know that his father was really the spirit Cougar, nor what it means as his mother does not want to tell him.

Kali M. Last
19, spirit warrior, rachel dashae, player
The daughter of Raven, Kali is a mischievous young woman. She is a quick thinker and rather witty, and always has a smile on her face. Kali is as far as she knows the youngest spirit warrior to date that actually knows what she is, and just who her father is. Kali doesn't see herself as much of a fighter, more so she uses her wit and charm as well as quick mind to resolve a situation. Then if that doesn't work, and only then will she resort to physicality. Kali is short and petite, her features fine and well... almost birdlike. She has a grace about her that no normal human could possess and uses that to her advantage on more than one occasion. Kali, like a true raven has a love of shiny objects. Be it beads, silver, mirrors, anything that sparkles, and if she can't buy it... this young woman will use her wit to get it any way possible. She might use a quick hand trick to steal it, or just appear as an overly large raven and swoop in and take it. Her theory there is you can't really arrest a bird now can you?

Parker L. Koktelash
25, spirit warrior, blair redford, aj!
A quite and cautious person, Parker is the spitting image of his father Bear; at least with the form he takes when walking among the mortal world. Parker is exceptionally loyal to those he calls friends and family, but cautious around new people. He works hard, providing for his mother and younger half-sister while his father is deployed in another country. Parker likes to have fun like most young men, and does take the occasional risk here and there, but over all he isn't as wild nor crazy as some of his peers. Parker is a man of tradition who has always loved hearing the stories of his people and tribe and of his father Bear. As a young boy he would often wonder what it would be like if he were to get the chance to meet the myth that is all too real and who he calls father. Parker is a strong individual, and can often be found in the gym working out.
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