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Posted by: Moon Bound Admin Mar 5 2012, 05:01 PM
Every Story Has A Beginning,
and this is ours

The year is 2013, and rather than the world ending like everyone thought it would, the world changed. At least to the humans that were unaware of what was around them. In December of 2012 the world got a nice wake-up call that everything they’d thought were only fairytales and myths were all too real and living in their own backyards. The leaders of the supernatural world came together and decided that they were tired of hiding, tired of being feared. And so after delegating, it was decided that some of them would out themselves. Now the world is aware that the fae exist, as well as skinwaklers and werewolves. The latter two weren’t greeted as easily as the fae, but are the lesser of some of the evils that lurk in the shadows and have yet to reveal themselves to the poor unsuspecting humans. That too is about to change, as the leader of the vampires, their queen is annoyed at the wolves claim to territory in the part of Washington where our story takes place. She wants the humans to be afraid. She wants the world to be afraid. But what she wants most is the world for herself and her ilk. Tensions are rising as she tries to force out the wolves of Thunder Cove and win the fae over to her cause.

Meanwhile in the tiny ocean front town of Thunder Cove, just a few miles away from the capitol of Washington and the territory of the vampire queen, things are remotely quiet. Vampires know better than to entire the town where not one but two werewolf packs roam, as well as numerous other supernatural creatures that aren't too fond of the vampires. The fae are drawn to the forests that surround the town that remind them of their homelands, while the spirit warriors are just trying to find their niche among their tribes and the supernatural world. Skinwalkers have even surfaced, as have a few witches. And all are preparing for the war that the vampire queen is undoubtedly going to start.

The leaders of each species are doing their best to protect the humans that had welcomed them for so many years unknowingly, but there is only so much that can be done before blood is shed; and hopefully not of an innocent. The elders fear that if human blood is spilled then the human race won't be so kind to the members of the supernatural community that have outed themselves. Many fear that if given a reason the humans will start to hunt the members of the supernatural community as they once did centuries ago.

A storm is brewing in the state of Washington that may blanket the entire world if not stopped soon. Come join us and choose your side. Be a vampire, werewolf, skinwalker, witch, fae, spirit warrior, or even a human and come help us write out the story that is Moon Bound.

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