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Welcome to Moon Bound, an original supernatural RPG set in the fictional town of Thunder Cove, Washington.

Its early winter 2013, and the snow is already getting deep in the small coastal town of Thunder Cove. Things in this picturesque tourist town aren't exactly what they seem. Nothing in the world is what it seemed anymore, its as if the closer the world came to that fateful day on the Mayan calendar, the more the supernatural creatures of the world woke up and made their presence known. The fae are walking among us now, as are the old spirit guides and warriors of old Native American lore. The werewolf, vampire, and skinwalker populations have all taken a sudden rise, and the witches of old who had thought their powers lost to them have suddenly found themselves able to do magic again. The world hasn't ended, but its changing. Some say for the better, some say for the worst. In Thunder Cove, the population is split in half knowing that their town is a supernatural hot spot can make things difficult-- especially when the normal members of the population are part of the food chain.

Humans 5 3
Witches 1 0
Spirit Warriors 2 0
Fae 0 2
Skinwalkers 2 1
Werewolves 4 3
Vampires 0 2
TOTALS 14 11
Single 13 10
Mated 1 1
TOTALS 14 11
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 Scent Claim
Moon Bound Admin
 Posted: Mar 5 2012, 05:08 PM

"Two Souls, One Heart"

Staff. Immortal, from Amarillo
Not Mated.
91 posts. Played by N/A

No two scents are alike!
the scent claims

This claim covers all the species, however on that note to vampires any wolf or shapeshifter of any kind really, will have a forest and/or animal smell to them. On that note spirit warriors may also have a smokey scent about them, or a faint leathery smell-- like the animal skin leathers their ancestors wore. To wolves, skinwalkers, spirit warriors, and fae vampires smell like death and decay. Fae on the other hand will have a light and airy scent to them. So please when deciding on your character's scent, to take this into account. Humans will not catch certain parts of scents due to the fact that their sense of smell isn't as acute as a vampire, wolf, skinwalker, spirit warrior or fae, but they will be drawn to certain ones in the case of a wolf/human mated pair. Also please be sure to take care when choosing your scent, no two people have the same two scents!

the list
Aaron J. Dallas :: grand fir, cumin, basil, almonds and honey
Abbie N. Weiss :: Ocean spray, fresh water, sunshine
Aeryn Z. Donella :: Dew upon dawn, ocean air, rose, fresh mint leaves.
Aryna I. Dragomir :: cherry blossoms, lavender, books and soil just before it rains
Brayden A. O'Shae :: cinnamon, mint, cedar, cold crisp air, fall
Cadence N. Khota :: lilies, pineapple, sea salt, fresh grass
Calvin, R. Kolchak :: Leather, musk, soil, hint of cinnamon
Charlotte A. Hope :: thyme, freesia, rose, lily, gardenia
Chelsea E. McIntire :: mountain (water) spring, mountain laurel
Damian J. Hill :: chocolate, sunshine, cinnamon, sunrise air
Eric C. Ribeks :: Myyr, Alfalpha, Wild bird
Finn P. Donovan :: lilac, strawberries, cream
François L. Bourbon :: fresh blood, cold stone, hemlock, monkshood and brugmansia
Gwythyr O. Iorwreth :: Mountain air, hot summer grass, leaves of autumn
HERNE A. CAELESTIS :: old woodlands, oak, peaceful lake, mist and rocky caves
Jade M. James :: coldness, damp night air, plummet, caramel
James D. Haden :: Vanilla mocha, fresh paper, pencil lead
Luna A. Lowell :: burnt sugar, soil, hay
Mai O. Waneaka :: bluebells, hickory smoke, juniper, sage
Moriko R. Jensen :: Honeysuckle, pine, blood, coconut
Nicholas R. Doyle :: sandalwood, cucumber, coffee
Olivia A. Warren :: oak trees, roses, warm vanilla, cookies
Parker, L. Koktelash :: Wood Ash, Salty Sea Air, Leather, RawHide
Payton H. Dallas :: peppermint, citrus, rosemary, strawberry, and lavender
Ryder C. Stone :: cigarettes, motor oil, pumice soap, spearmint, pine, fresh rain
Sabrina S. Rylan :: apple trees, brown sugar, vanilla, hint of rosemary
Sage R. Harper :: the forest after a summer rain, sage leaves, tiger lilies
Samuel W. Halliwell :: New York nights cologne, chocolate, coconut
Sonora K. Danvers :: black cottonwood, summer rain, broadleaf lupine, and frost
Trevor R. Donaldson :: Marco Polo cologne, engine grease, spearmint, cigarette smoke
Zara E. Williams :: magnolias, cotton, clove

the color groups

Human - 5C6F86 Witches - B42D50 Spirit Warriors - 93A5AB Fae - A36BA2 Skinwalkers - AF6814 Werewolves - 586830 Vampires - 8E160D

the code

[*code][b][color=membergroupcolor]Characters First, M. Last Name[/color][/b] :: [i]their scent[/i]<br>[/*code]

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